It’s the atomic number for silver. Silver’s compounds are used in photographic film and
the making of black and white prints in the darkroom.


When I was in 11th grade I took a photography class. My favorite part was exploring various locations to find inspiration and create meaningful artwork. During Thanksgiving break my family took our annual trip to Rockport, ME. As tradition, we would take a day to go to Camden and this particular year my dad drove me to Acadia National Park so we could stop along the way and take pictures. I’ll never forget the memories we created and quickly pulling off the side of the road so I could jump out and snap off some shots. The three images to the left were captured on that trip and they represent a major turning point in my life.

A couple years later I headed off to college in NC to study graphic design. Through art school, I met my best girl friend (also named Rachel) and started dating a very attractive guy named Brian :). During my second year I brought a group of friends home to CT for our fall break. One evening I sat on the couch with Rachel and Brian sitting next to me and showed them these three images I photographed in high school. They both recognized an eye I had for photography and encouraged me to switch my major to photography. I gave it a lot of consideration and asked my parents for their input. With their support, I decided to go for it.

From that point on, I took all photography classes and found something I truly loved! Having the support of my friends and family was and always will be extremely important to me. Not only did I fall in love with photography, but it was also then that I realized I had deeper feelings for Brian. His constant encouragement meant the world to me. He would be my model (shown to the left) or drive me around town so I could take pictures for my class projects. He even secretly went to one of my professors for help in building me a pinhole camera (which he surprised me with for my birthday that year). I knew that if he was willing to see me through my best and worst in art school then it was definitely worth hanging onto him!

Fast forward to college graduation, I walked to get my diploma (BFA in photography) with a shiny engagement ring on my finger from a truly wonderful man! Brian and I were married soon after and I photographed my first wedding the following year.

I had no idea how much I would enjoy photographing weddings. The excitement never seems to fade as I seek the challenge of thinking creatively while being quick on my feet. Brian naturally took on the role as my assistant, business manager and has now grown into my full-time second shooter. How incredibly fortunate am I to have such a passion for photography, pursue it as my career and have a supportive husband by my side? May I never take these blessings for granted.


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