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Jessica has been a dear friend of ours for many years now. Jess and Tim’s wedding was one of the most memorable we have photographed. Their unique day showcased everything and everyone they loved dearly and represented the best of their relationship. We will never forget the laughter, snowball fights, chairlift ride and deep love between the two of them up in the snowy mountains of Quechee, VT that day. This past April we received news that Tim had been in a horrible car accident. As he laid in a hospital bed for five days Jessica hung onto every breath hoping he would pull through so he would one day meet their first child she was eight weeks pregnant with. Sadly, Tim did not make it. Our hearts filled with immense pain and sorrow for the loss of our friend Tim and his wife’s broken heart.

3 weeks from Jess’s due date the three of us ventured into a field of unknowns for an early morning maternity photo session. We had a very specific vision we wanted to carry across for this particular session. We desired to showcase the beauty radiating from our dear friend and the glory of the life inside her. That part we knew we could pull off, but there was another piece we knew we couldn’t control and desperately hoped would unfold even better than we could imagine. Because Tim couldn’t physically be present we prayed that God would open up the skies and allow for Tim to shine down that morning onto the session. The Lord came through in the most breathtaking ways and we couldn’t possibly have planned it the way it played out! We had the perfect location in mind, but were unaware that it was marshy ground underneath very tall, thick grass. As we took each step we had no idea if we would sink into watery sludge or if we would lose our footing and stumble to the ground. The three of us were laughing to the point of tears as we walked. The irony of taking an eight and a half month pregnant woman into this kind of territory was hilarious. We made it to just the right spot where the sun was climbing over the trees, rays of light were beaming through their branches and started taking photos. Jess really didn’t have to do much, but stand there and move as we directed. It was simplistic, yet amazingly complex all at the same time. This was unlike any session we’ve done in that we didn’t have the freedom to move. All three of us were strategically balanced on tufts of grass and one slight shift could easily throw us off. We were forced to think about each click of the shutter, position of our bodies and composition of each frame. The results were amazing. It was an incredible display of answered prayer!

We finished up knowing we achieved our goal and ready for dry clothes and a warm breakfast. Jess came back to our home and sat with us over a stack of pumpkin pancakes. For two and a half hours we chatted about life and death, joy and sorrow, struggles, pain and how to overcome it all. Jess spoke of Tim and her love for him, how her heart ached for him daily, but her love for God was greater than her pain and she had hope that the Lord would heal her broken heart. She greatly anticipates the day when she will get to see Tim again. We were amazed by Jess’s ability to be real and open with us.  When a person experiences something so tragic and deeply painful there is no possible way to reach the other side on one’s own. Jess has reached out to the Lord and he has graciously held out his hand and walked her through the marshy, unknown ground. The times she has fallen he has picked her up and she can now smile, even laugh. Her journey is far from over and there will be many tough days still ahead of her but her hope and faith remain strong. As she even commented, she has never felt the Lord so close to her as he has been these past six months and especially in those days waiting in the hospital.  She knows she has nothing left to lose, so she shares her story boldly in hopes that others will not only be comforted, but find the one true Comforter in this life. His name is Jesus. To Him be the glory.

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Jess, we love you dearly and are encouraged by your strength and your faith. We celebrate the recent birth of your precious son, Timothy Reeves Hine Jr. Our prayer is that his newborn session will be just as magical and fun as your maternity session! We wish you many years of true joy and countless blessings. -Brian and Rachel

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