Bethel, CT Photography Studio | Our new space!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend spending time with family and creating memories!

It was such a refreshing break for us. We really enjoyed getting a little extra sleep in the mornings and snuggling on the couch with our kiddos while watching some of our favorite Christmas movies.

It also gave us some time to get a bit more organized and settled into our new home. We moved into a house over the summer and didn’t really have the time to invest into getting everything put away and out of boxes until now. One of our favorite parts of our new home is our new 47 Moments business studio for meeting and photographing clients. It has been so much fun envisioning this space and how it connects with our brand. We really wanted to create a place where anyone could come in and feel welcome. A place where we can sit and chat for hours over a hot drink and fun treat. A place to truly connect with people and build relationships, because we so very strongly feel that that is what it is all about. The value of relationships is important to us in our business, but also in all aspects of life. We believe we were not created to be alone, we are meant to be together and rely on one another to help us through this life journey. And for us, that means going beyond the surface and being real with the people around us. Not being afraid to share of our past struggles and hardships because we know those areas have only made us stronger, better people. Maybe that sounds a little deep for a business meeting space, but it is truly the heart of who we are and we want to share that with you!

We invite you to come in and sit down. Get to know us and we would love to get to know you a little better too!

Bethel, CT Photography Studio

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Pictured above to the right is my wonderful grandmother. I will forever cherish the legacy she has passed on of faith, generosity and humor.

Thanksgiving morning we woke up to this incredible fog hovering over the ground in our back yard. It was such a gorgeous site that I talked the kids into throwing their coats on and joining me outside. It was so nice having the time to watch the sun come up and shine through the trees. So thankful for quiet moments like these.

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