Bethel, CT Wedding Photography | Mike + Michelle

This wedding was particularly special to us because we photographed the wedding of Michelle’s brother four years ago and had really connected with this family. Two things that have always remained with us after photographing that wedding have been quality of relationships and the attention to detail that they have. Everyone in this family is so incredibly nice and welcoming. Even though we weren’t family we were made to feel like it.

Returning to photograph Mike and Michelle’s wedding was a real pleasure for us and something we looked forward to. It truly felt like we were reuniting with old friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. Their beautiful backyard was blossoming with vibrant greens and florals everywhere you looked. We were amazed by the thought process and all the details that went into making this backyard wedding so special and unique to the couple. On top of how great everything looked and how nice everyone was, they also really know how to throw a party and have a lot of fun as a family.

You can tell from their interactions and even through what was shared in some of the toasts and speeches throughout the event that they have very rich relationships within their family and even with their friends. They have created so many quality memories and moments together over the years and that this wedding was no different. Mike and Michelle’s laid back and down to earth personalities set the mood for the day and it was a true party as two families joined together in the celebration. Everyone was free to let loose and just have a really, really good time (including us!).

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Mike and Michelle, we greatly value your friendship. Thank you for being such real and genuine people. May your love and kindness reach more people throughout the years as your relationship strengthens!

Invitations: Truly Yours LLC, Newtown, CT | Wedding Dress: Occasions Bridal, Bethel, CT | Hair: Brushworks Salon, Bethel, CT | Tent: All Season Party Rentals, Danbury, CT | Flowers: Alice’s Flower Shop, Bethel, CT | Potted Plants: Hollandia Nurseries, Bethel, CT | Catering: Lasse’s, Milford, CT | Band: Nik Lite, Rochester, NY