Cahill | Family Portraits

The weather was so nice out today. A bit warmer than it’s been, so it was perfect for spending some time outside. Fall is definitely nearing it’s end, but there are some trees that are still holding on. We spent some time with our friends enjoying the beauty of the fall colors and getting some family photos too. Their backyard has a gorgeous maple tree which has blanketed part of their yard and driveway with it’s leaves. You may recognize baby Liam. He is growing so fast. All five of us (Abby included) did our best to get some smiles out of Liam. He wasn’t sure what to think today.

liam IMG_9256 liam2

Brian has a way of getting children to smile.

Liam IMG_9314 Liam with Mommy

Abby was helping us entertain Liam. It’s good preparation for the arrival of her sister in three weeks or so.


Joe did a pretty good job when we handed the camera over to him. It’s actually nice to have a photo of our family for a change. It’s probably the last one of just the three of us!