Danbury, CT Family Portrait Photography | Llanos Family

The Llanos family has had a special place in our hearts for a while. They are an incredibly beautiful family, both inside and out. There is never a dull moment within their household and anyone who walks through their door feels right at home. Our oldest daughter still talks about the days she went to their home for childcare and how much fun she had. She fit right in as if the Llanos kids were her real brothers and sisters. In addition to being such a loving family, they have been very encouraging to us as well. We appreciate all they have done to spur us on in our photography and recommend us to others. It was an honor for us to finally have their family in front of the camera and spend the afternoon with them. Because they are such a laid back family they couldn’t have been more natural and at ease during their portrait session and we really felt that that carried out into their images.

This picture cracks us up. Anyone who knows this family well understands how perfectly it describes them.