Greenwich, CT Wedding Photography | Ed + Heidi

To those fortunate enough to know, love is so much more than a fleeting feeling or a powerful emotion. Love is a choice and it involves a lot of commitment, struggle and sacrifice. Ed and Heidi’s relationship is a vivid reminder of what true love looks like!

Heidi has struggled with many health issues for the vast majority of her life. Most recently, she has been waiting on a heart transplant and there were several contingencies in place in case her potential transplant might interfere with the timing of the wedding. Nothing could stand in the way of her big day though. She and Ed had both looked forward to it with great anticipation and just as God had so divinely brought them together, He also provided one of the most perfect wedding days anyone could ask for. There was a very palpable sense that God was intimately involved in all of the details of the day. Everyone noticed it and we heard several comments throughout the day and even commented ourselves at times that it was as if this perfect day was God’s gift to them and that He was putting his stamp on what was happening to let us all know that He was just as excited as we all were about their marriage.

Everyone was very laid back and relaxed throughout the day, the schedule was incredibly smooth with just the right amount of time allocated to each component of the day, the weather was perfect, and everyone was bubbling full of excitement and emotion to see Heidi join her life with her prince. We even found ourselves getting a little choked up at certain moments as you could just see how deep and meaningful this moment was to their entire families.

The road ahead of them might not be easy, but each day is a gift and now they have the gift of each other to help carry them through whatever life may try to throw at them. Through it all, their love will continue to be a choice that through good times and bad, sickness and health, they will persevere and stand by one another for as many days and years that the Lord gives them.

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Ed and Heidi, it was truly an honor to be a part of this very special day with you. We pray for a long life of health and happiness together and that any trials or hurdles you might face will only deepen your faith and your love for each other!

Ceremony: Grace Evangelical Free Church, Stamford, CT | Reception: Round Hill Community House, Greenwich, CT | Catering: The Savory Palate | Cake: St. Moritz Bakery, Greenwich, CT | Hair: Synergy Salon, New Canaan, CT | Flowers: Nielsen’s Florist, Darien, CT and The Silk Touch, Norwalk, CT | Band: Chris Coogan Music | Dress: David’s Bridal