In Memory and Honor of Eric Langlois

Our hearts ache as we mourn the incredible loss of our friend and colleague, Eric Langlois of Raw Photo Design. Eric inspired and pushed others to be their best through the level of excellence of his own work as well as the personal attention and instruction he gave to all of his fellow photographers. He greatly loved his wife and kids and he leaves behind him an amazing legacy of both work and family. The world and especially our local photography groups won’t be the same without him.

Death is unavoidable for every human being. Life on this earth is not a quest to avoid death, but rather a pursuit to make the most of the moments we have and truly live. In the end, our life not measured by how many things we have, but how many people’s lives we touch. Eric knew how to get the most out of life. He knew how to have a good time, make others feel loved and make others smile. In the end, he managed to touch a lot of lives, even people who didn’t know him well or even at all. This past seven days has been a powerful testimony to the power of love, generosity, strength, and hope that lives within the human soul and it has proved to us how well we are capable of living and sharing with people around us if we choose to do so. The challenge for those of us now left behind is to live in that same spirit of love and goodness when we don’t have as urgent of a reason and by doing so, that we might be a light and an inspiration to those around us to do the same.

We are grateful for our church community, Walnut Hill Community Church, who has a passion for this type of living and has stood beside us through any and all circumstances in our lives and especially through this very emotional time the past week. Both the staff and church members have selflessly given of their time and their resources to serve us and our fellow photographers and we could never possibly repay you for all you’ve done for us. We are also grateful for our amazing photography community and the support they have been in leading all of the volunteer efforts in searching for Eric. These people literally put their lives on hold for a whole week and would not rest until Eric was found and brought home. The level of passion and organization they executed this search with impressed even the professional search teams and for that, you should all be commended. We are not designed to do life alone and we don’t know where we would be without both of these key groups in our life.

To honor the memory of our fellow photographer, we are pledging to live our life to the fullest and to strive to be the best photographers we can possibly be. We want to live to love and serve all people at all times and be sensitive to people’s needs all around us, even when it’s not something as obvious and extreme as what we saw this past week.

A fund has been set up for Eric’s family (a wife, 2 kids and a baby on the way this December). We will be donating a portion of every wedding booked for the rest of this year to this fund and we encourage you to find a way to give to the fund as well. Please tell Eric’s story to as many people as you know and challenge them to give as well. We want to do everything we can to watch out for Amber and the kids and this is a very tangible way we can do that!  You can make a donation by going to