Looking for a great book on marriage?

I am currently taking a book study class through our church with a number of other women. We are reading “Grace Filled Marriage” by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I’ve really enjoyed it so far as we’ve taken a deeper look into our lives and reflected on those who have shown us grace. It’s quite humbling to think about. One of our assignments has been to write a list of all the ways you are grateful for your spouse. Throughout the day to day hustle and bustle it can be easy to take note of frustrations and let them add up. Having a grateful list is such a nice reminder for me to take my eyes off of the negative and focus on the positive. Grace Fillled MarriageI am grateful for Brian for…

having a witty sense of humor

washing and folding laundry

being a hard worker

selflessly serving others

being easy going

not easily being offended

being great with numbers

having a great sense of direction

taking such good care of our children

volunteering to do a grocery run no matter how late it is

being adaptable and getting along with just about anyone

being talented with music and sports

his competitiveness

having a giving heart

his love and passion for God

his ability to put up with me…