Norwalk, CT Engagement Photography | Stokes + Britton

Stokes and Britton have had many experiences and formed many fond memories on Sprite Island just off the coast of Norwalk, CT. None could compare to the day Stokes asked Britton to become his wife. For their engagement session, we took the boat ride out to Sprite Island to spend some time getting to know them better and to see the beautiful spot where he popped the question. Before we left the mainland, though, we had to spend some moments with the other love in their life: Stokes’s lovable dog, Puck. He was very well behaved and like any dog, could not resist the lure of treats to help him cooperate with our little photo shoot.

Stokes and Britton love to laugh and share peaceful, quiet moments together. They also have a passion for boating. Sprite Island is the perfect retreat for them to be on the water in the beauty and tranquility of nature. This day was particularly nice as it was one of the first really warm, sunny days of the year.

Can you tell this is when the treats came out?

All the conditions were perfect during this session. The sun had a nice warm glow and so did the couple. It was all so natural.

It’s always exciting when a couple is willing (and even offers) to be adventurous during a photo shoot. Britton and Stokes climbed out on these rocks for some pictures. We were so glad they did because this spot was perfect. This quickly became one of our favorite photos from the session.

Taking the opportunity to practice their first dance. We think they are more than ready.

We can’t wait for your upcoming wedding Stokes and Britton! We look forward to seeing you again and capturing many more beautiful photos for you.