Sandy Hook – Newtown, CT Engagement Photography | Nick + Amy

Love Wins!

One of our favorite parts in meeting with engaged couples is hearing their love stories. How they met, fell in love and of course how he proposed! It’s so much fun to listen to their excitement and sense their joy. For us, this never ever gets old. It brings us back to when our relationship first began and how giddy we were!

Nick and Amy have the sweetest love story. One that most people dream of. They have known each other and been best friends ever since grade school. They met in a first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary and have countless fond memories of their childhood together, playing on that very playground, laughing with friends and just being kids. As Nick and Amy shared with us we could see that their relationship was so much more than fluttery feelings and outside emotion. Their hearts were genuine, they had incredible strength, endurance and their love was deep. Of course all of these things were true, after all, they are from Newtown. Newtown, CT, a place that will forever be impressed on our hearts. I find myself continually amazed by the community of strength that has risen from such unthinkable events that occurred there two years ago today. What impresses me most is how the people have rallied and used each other to lean on for support and direction. Although, there is still much healing to come, it is encouraging to hear that hope is among those who have been hurt most.

For Nick and Amy’s engagement session, they knew they wanted to be photographed in parts of their hometown that had the most meaning to them. Their first desire was to go back to the playground where they spent numerous hours as children together, but that was simply not an option. The next best thing was Dickinson Park, a playground that had been completely remodeled and funded by donations made in honor of the victims of the tragedy. It is an absolutely gorgeous playground, that we take our children to often. It’s such a wonderful place that brings a lot of joy to children and those are the exact kind of memories that need to be created. For Nick and Amy, it was a way to remember how their love began. We were even able to recreate a photograph of the two of them when they were little playing on the playground. After our time at the park, we headed to downtown Sandy Hook for a stroll along a babbling brook. It was the most picturesque quintessential New England spot that I could ever visualize. So calm, serene and a place to reflect. We ventured off the beaten path a little and found a bed of rocks carefully arranged among the roots of an old tree. As we looked closer, we noticed writing on 26 of the rocks. It was the names of the victims. The four of us stood there reflecting and remembering. Nick and Amy shared more about how they met in the very classroom where the unthinkable happened. We were encouraged to hear how they have been able to overcome the pain and move forward with an unwavering loyalty to their community. It was beautiful to hear and also to watch as they interacted for photos. It was easy to be themselves and we could tell that their childhood love had not faded at all. A love that we all long to have and are so grateful that above all love wins. Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_01 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_02 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_03 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_04 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_05 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_06 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_07 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_08 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_09 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_10 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_11 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_12 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_13 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_14 Newtown, CT Engagement Photography_15 Newtown, CT Engagement PhotographyNick and Amy, we look forward to your wedding day. We are excited to capture the beautiful love that you have together!

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