Southbury, CT Wedding Photography | Eric + Christina

We love a good snow storm here in New England. It’s wonderful how those white fluffy flakes slow everything down and the only sounds that can be heard are the rumbling snow plows and laughter of children playing outside. On this chilly winter day we are thinking about this wonderful wedding we captured of one of the most lovable couples we have photographed.

Eric and Christina have such beautiful spirits of adventure and hearts of tender love. They demonstrate what the act of true love genuinely is as they have spent miles apart from one another due to his service of our country, yet it has drawn their hearts closer than ever before. On their wedding day they asked us if we would be willing to photograph them at a beautiful nature preserve with an incredible overlook. We are always up for an adventure, so of course we said yes! Little did we realize that we would be trekking up somewhat of a mountain! We should have known considering how much they love the mountains (Eric even had the Rocky Mountains etched into his wedding band!). When we saw Christina hike up her dress and head for the top we knew we were in for a lot of fun with their bridal portraits. We laughed so hard as we followed them to the top. What an incredible experience it was to not only take in the view, but also see this adorable couple embrace with shear joy as they held each other and took in the moment of being husband and wife.

Eric and Christina, you two are incredibly inspiring to us. We love how you embrace the journey of life each day. You have taught us to never take any moment with the one you love for granted. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together. God bless!

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